Rewind Services

ELECTRICAL REWIND SERVICES - Professional Electric Motor Repair Inc.

We can disassemble, rewind and refurbish your motors back to their OEM specifications to ensure that they are reliable for the critical systems at your business.

The in-house, professional winding services we offer have been among our main, most in-demand specialties and consistently place us as one of the industry leaders. Our full service shop has the ability to reverse engineer and rebuild all domestic and some foreign windings. Our speedy turnaround times for rewind completion give you the assurances you’ll need for minimal waiting time – which is one of the advantages we offer in comparison to other repair and rewind shops.

Electric Motor Sales
Our rewind services for motors include:
  • careful and detailed documentation of motor data
  • burn out and stripping of motor stator
  • re-insulation of motor core with quality materials
  • re-varnish of winding with top quality coating materials
  • installation of quality replacement parts
  • reassembly and testing of completed rebuild