Agricultural Services

Agricultural Services

Agricultural Services - Professional Electric Motor Repair Inc.

Illinois agricultural operations know they can depend on the expert technicians at our shop for prompt and competitively-priced repairs for electrical motors.

Repairing all types of grain drying equipment is among our core specialties. Contact us to fix:

-All models of crop dryer fans and burners.
-Electric motors on your grain drying equipment and components.
-Repairs for your grain stirring machinery.

We understand that grain drying is a critical part of your agricultural facility and you depend upon the equipment to perform, especially when it’s harvest time. Our team of service technicians are here to provide professional repairs whenever necessary.

Fast and Dependable Services for Our Valuable Customers

Have our techs inspect your bin fans, aeration fans, unloading auger motors and grain spreaders and other essential components in the spring or summertime.

Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance is essential for preventing problems and costly downtime. Avoid the risk of grain dryer problems and save money over the long term with our repair and maintenance services! Bring in your fans, crop dryers and unloading auger motors ahead of the harvest season for service. Call 309-829-3552.