Motor Repair and Rebuild Services

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Motor Repair and Rebuild Services - Professional Electric Motor Repair Inc

We are among the leading providers in Central Illinois of complete repair, rewind and rebuilding solutions for most makes of electric motors. Our talented technicians can restore your motors to like-new condition at competitive rates. We utilize only top quality materials for our rebuilds. Call today to set an appointment!

Professional Electric Motor Repair Inc. has knowledgeable technicians ready to promptly repair your motors. We provide a wide selection of expert repair services that will fulfill any of your requirements.

In the event your motor is not repairable, our staff can help replace it with the many quality motors and other parts we stock in our inventory.

Fast and Dependable Services for Our Valuable Customers

Our certified and well-trained technicians always work hard to ensure your motor is returned to you in optimal condition and on schedule.

Our repair services include:

AC motor repairs.
Armature tests.
Surge testing
Review and testing for winding resistance.
Megohm testing

Detailed, accurate documentation of test results.

ALL AC motors, brake motors, blower motors, crane motors, gear motors, industrial pumps, hoist motors, submersible pumps, close coupled pumps, traction motors, and more!

We can disassemble, rebuild and refurbish your motors back to their OEM specifications to ensure that they are reliable for the critical systems at your business.

Our repair shop starts all the industrial motor services we do with inspection and testing. During these essential steps, we assess what is faulty with the motor and determine what we’ll need to do to restore it. We then dismantle for further diagnosis and estimate your repair. If approved, we then install quality replacement parts such as bearings, stationary switches, centrifugal switches, capacitors and more, to return your motor to working order.